What do we do?

The SDSU Enterpreneur Society is an official student organization on the San Diego State University campus. Our mission is to bring together enterprenurally minded students on campus, and to foster the process of helping students approach life with a passion, to be fascinated by what they can accomplish in life, and want to take real steps towards fulfilling their potential.

ES Officers


Blake Meyers

Blake is studying marketing and is a Lavin student. He enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and camping. He doesn’t want to work for someone else and wants to transform his passions into a career.


Paige Doherty

Paige is a third-year Computer Science major who dabbles in the fields of marketing, events, and music. A self-described LinkedIn queen, she spends her free time interviewing entrepreneurs and musicians on @themillennialcurator.


Bella Messina

Bella is a Computer Science student who loves to cook and run. Ask about her ZIP Launchpad journey! She plans to travel and have a career in artificial intelligence.


Ryan Cohen

Ryan is a Finance major with a minor in entrepreneurship and is determined to work for himself someday! He loves learning new things and having new experiences and he thinks being an entrepreneur is the best way to accomplish both.


Alex Passenheim

Alex is currently building a company through the ZIP Launchpad, SK8DRY, and recently graduated from the Fowler College of Business on the Dean's list. His motto is to simply go with the flow. Feel free to reach out to him for anything. Cheers!


Zach Fischer

What’s up guys! Zach is studying Aerospace Engineering and is very passionate about all things to do with space and flight. He's super stoked to be a part of the best club on campus - let’s get it!



Join the enterpreneur Society
and Change Your Life!

Joining the enterpreneur Society has some amazing benefits from meeting awesome guest speakers (Van's, Volcom, Costco, SDSU Alums as well as Tony Hawk, etc) to compitions for cash prizes, company tours and networking events. The Enterpreneur Society is always on the move, working towards helping you on your journey, connecting you with other passionate students and making life-long friendships along the way.

General Membership Package - $59 per Year

Top Ten Reasons to Join Entrepreneur Society

  1. Dinner every Wednesday night meeting ($10 value)
  2. Entrepreneur Society Volcom polo shirt ($50 value)
  3. Handmade red and black Pura Vida bracelet from Costa Rica ($15 value)
  4. Access to legal services and the entrepreneurship center mentors
  5. Pitch competitions with up to $900 in cash rewards
  6. Access to all keynote speaker events and member-exclusive meetings
  7. Network of entrepreneurial students and Entrepreneur Society alumni
  8. Direct access to CEO’s via private company tours
  9. Access to entrepreneurship leadership on the campus
  10. Internship opportunities via new networking connections

William E. Leonhard Entrepreneurship Center
Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex, Suite 103
5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182-1915
Tel: 619-594-2781